Tuesday, December 16, 2008

im really seldom update my blog..
wat i can say...
i just layz..
im lazy shit..
and hav nothing to show here too
really one month just one post..
so rare..........

another new year is coming..
is just damn fast...2008 over soon...
next yaer is my year again..COW YEAR..tats mean im 24 le
old oeldi but stil got nothing...
last wishes is get fit..but too bad..cant get fit but just get fat...
aiya...just "a" and 'i" different onli..ahha
not bad also la..(bluff myself)
at least i gain weight...
yup next year wil b FIT>....wait and see..hahaha..
FIT YINGHOL...(cant imagine how i look like :P)

recently wan to join the CGTalk challenge steampunk myths and legend..
but too bad..my lazy habit still stick with me..ahha
so work slow..
but stil working on it
the idea is steampunk journey to the west..ahhah
the shanzang is the a kid and the wu kong sure bcoem a big giant steampunk monkey king robot la...haha
and the zhu ba jie wil b a pervert pet:P..
the white horse wil b the key which is the key to start the monkey king robot..
and sha wu zheng.............
dun know yet..he wun appear in the image..cause no idea for tat..ahahhaah
so this is my concept..
wish me luck...