Tuesday, August 12, 2008

oil painting classes

wao wao..
today i eat sneak agian
i sneak into my friend's(eunice) class ..
i saw their class room door close then sneak inisde to ge po..
and when the teacher take the attendance i walk out...after tat walk in agian..
after like i know photoshop then nvr use TRADitional AGAIn..
is like 4-5 years?????around there
and is OIL..i nvr touch bfore..
but is quite fun...
at first i stil not use to it cause i use to use water color and felt tat its quite dry..veyr hard to paint
but after use to it..then i paint THICK THICK ahha..fun...
i was sharing the tools with Eunice..cause i nvr prpare..alos have no colors at alll
but the teacher veyr nice..ahha
she giv me 4 tube of oil piant.ahaha..she said i use alot of paint.."cause my style is thick thick one"
so she giv me the colors..SHUANG
and anyhow use...:P..
is expensive..
but then is nice experience...ahahaha
and this is my first oil painitng..
look like shit thought.but fun